We are a leading innovator in UV filter products – working across several fields of application

We can offer global pending patent protection for our UV absorbing and visible zone molecules for human and material photo protection applications, including as components of coating compositions, glass compositions, plastics compositions, film-forming compositions, paint compositions; components of or coatings for lenses and eyeglasses; surface coatings for automobiles, timber, masonry, metals, plastics and glass; and components of compositions for marine applications.”
Our business strategy is to develop evidence-based products for major markets.

CS is currently a private Australian company with a two key cornerstone strategic investors. The Company is rapidly developing its product and intellectual property portfolio.

UPDATE: Coral Sunscreen was awarded an Australian Federal Government grant of $900,000 (2016) to further develop and commercialise the new technology.
Australia’s premier Scientific Research Association – the CSIRO is also a prominent investment partner in the promising new technology.

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Claudia Brumme-Smith