Company Overview

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd (CS) is based on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, giving it access to some of the most exciting scientific research relating to the actions of corals on the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

CS is an entrepreneurial and business focused biochemical organisation.

CS was established in 2009 to develop UV photoprotective filters for application in a variety of industries. CS has worked with Australia’s premier scientific agency, the CSIRO, to create the world first UV filter incorporating both UVA & UVB filters in one molecule that mimics the corals natural sun protection mechanism. CS has been consistently growing by improving our investments in research and development culminating in the development of a suite of UV filters that mimic the actions of coral’s UV filter capacity on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). CS now holds four PCT Global Patent pending applications for the novel, new UV filter technology.

The reason for the development of a series of new organic UV filters relates directly to our recognition of a market need for effective and non-irritating sun care products for the Australian market. Australia is the sun cancer capital of the world; with 2 out of 3 Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Further, skin cancer accounts for over 80% of all new cancer diagnosis in Australia every year.

The above figures led CS to the pristine Great Barrier Reef and its research project that discovered the means by which corals protect themselves when exposed to the harsh Australian sun at low tide.

With intensive investment in scientific research and development over many years CS has discovered a world first series of organic UV and visible zone filters which are derived from the actions used by the Great Barrier Reef corals to protect themselves from the harshest sun rays in the world during extended periods of complete intensive UV exposure during low tide.

The significance and relevance of this patent pending discovery cannot be underestimated. CS has discovered and patented a series of 240 UV filters that now, for the first time in history, unlock the power of nature’s sunscreen in commercially viable molecules and potentially allows consumers to experience superior UV protection and benefit from the UV filter actions that nature has used for thousands of years in the harshest climate in the world.

The UV filters have potential use in cosmetics, sunscreen, eye wear lens, plastics, UV film, paint and wood coatings industries.