Innovative Technology

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd has developed a series of patent pending generic UV filters that mimic the natural sun protection of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Corals. The UV filters have potential in the fields of cosmetics, sunscreen, eye wear lens, plastics, UV film, paint and wood coatings industries. This world first UV filter technology will provide global consumers with UV filters that provide highly efficient protection from the sun, with a potential to lessen the incidence of skin cancer.
Testing results confirmed that specific new filters have particular unique advantages over existing UV filters and have significant potential in the following fields of application – cosmetics, sun care, eye wear, corrective lens, paint and coatings, UV film for car windows and plastics. Some of the unique filters also extend into the visible light zone. Of emerging interest is the recognition that higher energy visible radiation (‘blue’ light) has longer-term detrimental effects on the eyes, skin and materials.

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd has developed a series of visible zone filters that address needs within this region.

Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd’s technology is inspired by the natural sun protection mechanism of the Great Barrier Reef Corals. Our commercialisation candidate filters are clear and odourless, with an absorption rate that is superior to existing benchmark filters. The suite of UV filters are segmented into filters that are suitable for sun protection, eye protection and others with potential for paint, coatings, plastics, UV film coatings and wood care.

The patent portfolio contains a large range of molecular design and structures, which allow Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd to cross a range of commercial applications.